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“But where’s the snow?” with Tanya T.

Tanya and I had set out to find snow this day, we didn’t have the time to drive to Mt. Hood so we settled for a much, much smaller mountain, Larch.

Driving up to the top of the mountain, we kept hoping to see snow around each bend we made, alas no luck.  So we made do with what we had; plenty of sunshine, wind, gorgeous backdrop and privacy!  We threw ideas together last minute since our planning was missing an important detail: snow.  Turned Tanya’s car into a full hair/makeup/fashion studio.  As I was going through her wide selection of gorgeous clothes and accessories, and pointing at each piece for her first outfit, ideas kept flooding my mind.  ”Sleek black hair, down.  Lips, red.  Black leggings, white silky top, bold jacket, gold accents.” So here is our last minute ideas, ‘work-with-what-you-got’, photo-shoot.

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Double Trouble! With Alesha’s Twin Boys.

I’ve never worked with two toddlers before who are running opposite directions of one another, while I’m trying to catch up!  They are such sweet, adorable little boys. I had such a good time photographing their adventures at Ester Short Park that day.

Props to Alesha for being able to keep up with them because after the shoot was done, I had to skip gym for I had already gotten my work out for the day!:)

Baby Marina in Esther Short Park

I’ve known Mariya since we were just kids, but over time we had lost touch.  Needless to say, a lot of time went by until we reconnected again on Facebook.  So, I was really excited to see her again and meet her baby girl Marina.  Baby Marina just happens to be one of the cutest little girls I’ve ever laid my eyes on.  She’s perfection, and this shoot was a lot of fun!

A day with Bond. Lily, Bond.

I’ve known Lily for a while now, and those who know her as well as I do can tell you think girl is a ball of energy!  This shoot was way fun.  We started off on the rooftop of the 10th floor in downtown Portland and ended up somewhere by the river. Never a dull moment with Lily around, that’s for sure!:)

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